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Water Flood Removal




Do you have a bad odor or sewer smell at your home or business?

In addition to resolving the cause of plumbing related floods, we can use our high power water and sewage extraction systems and small and large water/sewage pumping systems to dewater homes, apartments and commercial facilities.

After liquid extraction, we can set up our powerful but quiet air movers to remove residual moisture from your home or the facility.

We also have Federal Government/EPA Approved HAZMAT submersible environment suits that can allow us to enter septic tanks or underneath homes filled with sewage to effect repairs.

We’ve been in the profession for decades, so we’ve seen all types of water and sewage failures that cause floods. Our professionals can advise our clients on what they need to have done to eliminate common leak and flood potentiators before they turn costly and damaging.






Was nice to find a company that is honest and treats an elderly person (I’m 88) with respect & like one of their family and not being taken advantage of.

– Deane Schultz