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For some drains hydro-jetting is usually inappropriate and excessive, such as shower, tub and sometimes lavatory stoppages, which are usually caused by soap congealing with hair. The smallest flexible drain machine cable will usually corkscrew onto the hairball and resolve the blockage.

For commercial applications we can employ Enz Swiss made rotary spinning jetting nozzles that describe an eccentric arc of high pressure and/or high volume of water to loosen and flush debris out that most other hydro-flushers cannot.

Dave Bischof himself has designed special compact hydrojetters that we use that are remarkably superior to the very poorly performing electric hydrojetters.

Whether it is cabling, hydro-jetting or hydro-flushing for your home, restaurant or commercial facility, you can trust us to have all the proper equipment, the expertise and experience to offer proper resolution to your drain problems.

Most plumbing firms who perform drain stoppage remediation use the customary cable machines. The problem is that they do a very poor job of actually removing all the debris from a drain pipe. That’s why I ethical firms avoid using the term “cleaning” to describe cable/snake use as it is misleading.

Take a kitchen drain stoppage as an example. It’s usually caused by years of organic debris accumulating in a 1.5”- 2” diameter old galvanized steel drain pipe. The typical corrosion on the inside of this material can create the rough surface that can facilitate adhesion of food products just like sanding a surface helps paint stick better. Sending a cable down into the drain may only mechanically loosen debris in small diameter cross section equivalent to the diameter of the cable head or the circumference of the cable arc after bending a dogleg in the cable aft of the cable head. At best this may remove a substantial portion of the buildup, but some stoppages are so gooey they are like a firm jelly, and cabling such has no effect. Imagine a jar of jelly and you poked your finger into it and pulled it back out……a hole may be left where your finger pushed in but the jar is still full of jelly. That is what some drains are like, especially residential kitchen and restaurant facility drains.


Was nice to find a company that is honest and treats an elderly person (I’m 88) with respect & like one of their family and not being taken advantage of.

– Deane Schultz