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Plumbing Inspections

What does it take to be a residential home inspector? The time it takes to get cards printed up at Kinko’s! Remember, these are not inspectors from the city’s department of building and safety. These are private entities with no licensing or regulations. Check out their contracts and how they usually absolve themselves from not finding costly problems in your plumbing system that you paid them to find.

Although there are a few home inspectors that have an impressive general knowledge of building codes, it has been our multi-decade experience that when it comes to safety related plumbing codes and sewer and sewer lateral video inspections, most residential home inspectors are usually both negligent and guilty of malpractice.

As an example, most homes original sewers and sewer laterals attaching to the city sewer street in the center of the street are on their way to failing. This is analogous to car engines which don’t last forever. Sewers and especially private residential sewer laterals can cost in the thousands of dollars to replace with the required city permits.

Before you sell or put an offer in on property, wouldn’t you like to know if the sewer systems will give you decades of service or shortly result in thousands of dollars of badly needed replacement services because the drains are about to catastrophically fail? Would this information affect your offer, or would this information assist you in having the seller resolve the problem instead of you finding out about it after it is too late and spending thousands of your own money?

Almost every property we’ve been retained to perform a plumbing inspection upon we’ve found plumbing code violations and often times plumbing safety related hazards. This even includes after properties have been giving a clean bill of plumbing health by home inspectors.

ALWAYS have a plumbing professional inspect your property’s potable water system and plumbing drain and sewer system with a video camera all the way out to the city sewer connection in the street before you buy or sell a property so you don’t get stuck with retaining us for procedures like this new homeowner did in this photo.


Was nice to find a company that is honest and treats an elderly person (I’m 88) with respect & like one of their family and not being taken advantage of.

– Deane Schultz