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Toilet Installations & Repairs

We service all makes and models of toilets with a full line of quality common parts in our trucks. We also carry and install quality toilets that actually flush really well, including the new “dual flush” 1.1 gallon/1.6 gallon combination flush toilets and the modern European wall mounted toilets that save a tremendous amount of bathroom space by having the tank in the wall. Just scroll to the bottom and click on the thumbnails.

Remember, there can be many symptoms a toilet may display that on its face may seem like a problem with the toilet, but often such is just an indicator of another problem. A proper diagnosis of such by us avoids needless repairs and expenses.

You should also know that services that exist that install toilets ostensibly for free or next to free operate by means of keeping any rebates offered by water utilities, which are usually $100 or less. No quality toilet retails at the commodity level for less than $100, which means these firms install worthless toilets. One of these firms uses a business name that many people erroneously believe is affiliated or is the LA Department of Water and Power.

We say worthless as the average toilet really needs at least 3 gallons to deliver a decent flush. When the government put the cart before the horse and mandated 1.6 gallons, they made it all but impossible to deliver a toilet that flushes strong enough as the amount of water is the predominant factor affecting flush strength.

Just a few American manufacturers have invested millions of dollars and over a decade in trying to get too little water to work decent. This cost is reflected in the price of the product. In cheap toilets such as those made in Mexico with no name brand on it and those marketed through various municipal water service providers, that sufficient engineering, research and development doesn’t exist. But these toilets such as those sold in home centers are sold on the basis of price, not strength of flush. When these toilets frequently clog, the water service provider or home center is not going to care if you complain and is not going to come out and unclog it because they’re a monopoly. But we have a reputation to uphold.

Because the President of our firm writes for the major plumbing profession magazines and performs seminars for professional plumbing associations, we are given new design toilets free all the time. One was even rated number 1 by a consumer reports type magazine. After trying it out for several months, we think it really was only rated to flush number 1. Right into the trash bin it went with every other new fangled snake oil flush gizmo.

We know exactly what low flush toilets work really well as our reputation depends on it.

And to our beloved women, please don’t buy round bowl toilets, the fellas dislike them, especially in the morning.


Was nice to find a company that is honest and treats an elderly person (I’m 88) with respect & like one of their family and not being taken advantage of.

– Deane Schultz