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Trenchless Pipe Replacing

Trenchless pipe installation is a method of installing replacement sewer piping without excavating a trench along the entire length of the pipe.

The process entails excavating a launch pit and an exit pit, then placing an extremely strong steel cable through the old sewer pipe, then attaching that to a steel nose cone that is slightly too large for the inside of the old pipe.

Attached to this steel nose cone is a full length of extremely strong, durable yet flexible engineered plastic pipe. The steel nose cone is slowly pulled by 30 ton hydraulic rams through the old sewer pipe, crushing it outwards into the surround soil while making more than enough room for a full size new sewer pipe to be pulled into its place.

This method can preserve expensive landscaping or prevent the need for expensive sawcutting, concrete demolition and trench excavation.

There can be some contraindications for this procedure. During your consultation our professional plumber will discuss this with you to determine whether this procedure is right for your application.

We are experts in this installation methodology, and our Plumbing Association of which Dave Bischof is the two time President of, developed the testing/inspection installation protocols for the city of Los Angeles.


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