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Here Is What Our Clients Have To Say About Us:

“Was nice to find a company that is honest and treats an elderly person (I’m 88) with respect & like one of their family and not being taken advantage of.” – Deane Schultz

“You are terrific. It helps us so much to have trustworthy help from afar.” – Mark & Kris Ammons

“We thought Dave our plumber was extraordinary and we will never use another plumber but him!” – Nancy & Lawrence Mathews

“Your technician was outstanding! He was prompt, paid attention to his work-knew what he was doing and it showed.” – N. Shaffer

“You saved me from the trauma of losing very valuable rings with much sentiment attached. He knew exactly what to do and did it with great efficiency and caring.” – Marcia Steinhorn

“Tech was very helpful & friendly. Went above & beyond expected service. Very confident of his work.” – Debbie Zeits

“Your service technician was knowledgeable, pleasant and prompt…” – Greg Beck

“We’ve always found your service to be professional and completely satisfactory.” – Linda Bradley

“You are a professional in a profession devoid of professionalism…” – Jim Brown

“I’m always very satisfied.” – Betty Burdick

“Very friendly, courteous & knowledgeable. They came out right away & performed the work in the evening. I will recommend to other people.” – Darlene Warden

We will definitely use your company again. The service tech was knowledgeable and nice. ” – Judy White

“Excellent service as usual! Always a pleasure!” – Steve & Terry Wright

“The plumber with all the answers. Quick and efficient…” – Dorothy Calvin

“Your tech was very knowledgeable and very polite. Would recommend without hesitation.” – W. R. Cherry

“Very professional, polite technician…” – Amy Clark

“Excellent plumber, thorough, knowledgeable. A craftsmen!” – Richard Walden

“Your techs are always really polite and very professional. I am glad we found you these few years ago.” – Elizabeth Colla

“…What a surprise to get such great service on the first try!” – Kathleen Daly

“I had made an appointment 24 hours in advance with another plumber who never called and never showed up. Your technician was out in 2 hours and did a great job.” – Karen Dobies

“Quite satisfied. Very honest.” – Jim Drummond

“Brian was so helpful and professional at a time of stress for me as a homeowner.” – Vicky Fayton

“Courteous, friendly and honest.” – Lena Felise

“Your employee gave outstanding service. He was very courteous.” – Roger Ferguson

“Your plumber was nice, did the work quickly and cleaned up-didn’t leave any mess!” – Donna Hart

“A job well done. Thanks for fixing our mess!! You’re better than any other plumber we’ve ever used!!” – Rini Hopkins

“Service tech was very efficient & made me feel confident of his experience.” – Chris Hureskin

“Fast, efficient & courteous service both by your office staff & your technician. I would definitely call “Dave Bischof” in the future.” – Carol Keel

“After trying several regional plumbers-(names omitted by Dave Bischof due to our ethics) with very disappointing results, I was delighted to find a company that was quick, on time, careful and reasonably priced. Great!” – Bob Lambert” Bob Lambert

“Courteous & honest about repairs-helpful suggestions…” – Barbara Long

“Technician was very professional and he did go the extra mile by helping with a 2nd problem just to be kind…” – Cindy Larson

“On New years Eve, we had a mainline stopped up, the company we contract with said at least 4 hours before anyone could come. Your company was here in less than 5 minutes and charged 5 1/2 times less!! Call me to open an account with you!” – Lumark Mobile Home Community

“I am very happy about the service and immediate response.”- Iras Nasseri

“I have called your company several times and each time I am treated courteously & they have been extremely helpful.” – LaCrecia Okita

“I was very impressed with my service technician. He was very thorough and always solves our plumbing problems unlike other plumbers.” – Enid Rawlings

“After shopping around and trying out other plumbing services I found your service to be the best overall. Thanks!” – Lou Perez

“Dave-we were visited by two servicemen…They were the best service people I have ever met. I would absolutely have them again…” – Jonathan Reich

“It’s a pleasure to find a company that I can trust in with confidence that the task will be done fairly and honestly.” – Robert Reis


December 14, 2018

Was nice to find a company that is honest and treats an elderly person (I’m 88) with respect & like one of their family and not being taken advantage of.