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Low Pressure Problems

“Low pressure problems” or more accurately “low flow problems” can often times be resolved without the need for more expensive pipe replacements.

As an example we had one client who had us at her exclusive home in Malibu wherein we were performing a septic system rehabilitation. She requested a price for “repiping” her bathroom. We inquired why, informing the client she had copper tubing throughout her home already. She told us that she had “low pressure” in her bathroom, and had received several in-person diagnoses and bathroom repiping prices from other well known plumbing firms averaging $8000. We diagnosed the problem within about 60 seconds and 3 minutes later had the problem resolved. This service was provided at no additional cost to our client, saving her $8000. Another example of how retaining an ethical, honest and expert plumbing firm doesn’t cost, it pays.

Regardless of your situation, after an inspection and evaluation we can offer a proper resolution in all instances to your low flow problems. We know exactly what to do.


Was nice to find a company that is honest and treats an elderly person (I’m 88) with respect & like one of their family and not being taken advantage of.

– Deane Schultz