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Sewer-Saver™ Root Treatment

Our “Sewer-Saver™” process uses a formulation of root controlling chemicals that can prevent the eventual destruction of your sewer line.

When it comes to using rotary root cutting heads on snake machines, remember, “The more you snake it, the worse you make it.”

Cabling roots actually accelerates the eventual destruction of your sewer line by encouraging more growth just like pruning a plant encourages more growth. Sooner or later a root cutter head may no longer penetrate roots that have repeatedly been cabled.

Remember, the only way roots can grow into a properly fabricated sewer line is if it is broken as clay sewer pipes usually are. Tree roots can sense water vapor and head towards the break, sending in root tips through as fine as a few cells in diameter. Once it hits the water and fertilizer, it spreads rapidly and the original anchor root starts adding rings in diameter every growth cycle just like a tree trunk does. Then the roots begin the long growth process of eventual occlusion of your sewer line. As it starts to back up, since roots masses are sometimes porous, effluent doesn’t initially manifest its symptoms inside your home just like a car engine often times runs decent till something major breaks.

Chemicals like copper sulfate in home centers are illegal to put in your drains as it harms the beneficial bacteria used in public sewage treatment facilities. Also, when you flush your toilet, the effluent level in a sewer sits on the bottom and may rise less than a 1/2″. This prevents any substantial contact of copper sulfate to the root mass, which commonly grows in from the sides and tops anyway. Where copper sulfate does make limited contact, it does a good job of killing the few roots it contacts, but it also kills the fungus and bacteria that colonize but do not harm living roots as since they are alive, they have a natural defense system. That is just the opposite of what you want, as dead, dense roots can cause stoppages just as easy as live ones-paper doesn’t care. Dead roots are woody cellulose based food the fungus and bacterial would rapidly consume if it weren’t for the fact you just killed off the fungus and bacteria with chemicals toxic to them.

Our Sewer-Saver™ process foams inside your sewer and drain pipes delivering a root herbicide that typically kills the roots within the hour, is non-toxic to fungus and bacteria and in fact breaks down into sugars and fertilizers so the fungus and bacteria can go on a feeding frenzy at the expense of your now dead root food. But it can only travel a foot or so up the root mass so with proper application can remove the roots not only in your sewer but remove them from the breaks to just outside the sewer pipe, preventing the eventual destruction of your sewer yet not harming your trees.

Only our expert plumbers can determine if your root occlusion case is good candidate for our Sewer-Saver™ process, as some sewer roots are far beyond chemical remediation.

Dave Bischof is the federally registered trademark holder of Sewer-Saver™ and as such we’re the only firm offering the process.


Was nice to find a company that is honest and treats an elderly person (I’m 88) with respect & like one of their family and not being taken advantage of.

– Deane Schultz