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Fox News Animal Rescuing Plumbing Firm

We have been blessed with being experts in sewers, drain line video inspections and locating problems in sewers. We believe in giving back to our community, especially to help mother nature’s critters that bring such joy to our lives. Because of that, we have donated our drainpipe, video, locating and plumbing services pro bono to the local SPCA and the L.A. City Fire Department for rescues of all types.

We have been the go-to experts in many animal rescues, from “Squiggles the Squirrel” to “Hickey the Kitten”. Our latest animal rescue made it on prime time broadcast television and even ran during the World Series and appeared on Fox TV’s Fox Favorites.

The story of Hickey the baby kitten commenced with a call from a frantic woman who observed a little baby kitten scampering into that “fun dark hole” on the patio that ended up being a patio area drain opening without a proper cover. Dave Bischof himself went out and sent our color video camera down the vertical drain line. There 8 feet straight down was the baby kitten sitting on top of a pile of debris. She could have never made it out and would have starved to death.

Since we perform flood water cleanup and water extraction services, out came our water extraction vacuums and a color sewer video camera. The fine men of the L.A. City Fire Department Van Nuys Station 90 arrived shortly thereafter, and after observing Dave Bischof at work, stated that it appeared he had a better plan and offered to assist. The firemen manned our vacuum suction equipment and together they selected the weakest suction strength motor. It was Dave Bischof’s concern that if the suction hose dropped down over the kittens eyes and mouth, it could dislocate her eyes or possibly collapse her lungs. That would be horrible!

Dave Bischof next dropped the suction hose down with our color video drain camera head at the end. Each time it approached the baby kitten, she tilted her head upwards to look at the strange interesting object approaching her, exactly what we didn’t want. This went on for some time, and the kittens natural reaction was the same each time. Finally we were left with no choice, so one final time down the line went the video camera and suction hose. Sure enough the kitten was looking upwards bright eyed as can be. Within just inches of contact, at the last possible second the kitten tilted her head downwards just as the suction hose made contact safely to the top crown of her head. Up she went with folded paws and was safely out into his hands within less than 5 seconds. The L.A. City firemen could be heard cheering as the kitten was safely rescued by Dave Bischof, oblivious to what her fate would have been. To her it was just another wide eyed adventure!

The L.A. City Fire Department mentioned that their standard animal rescue procedure would have been to jackhammer the concrete patio and excavate down to the kitten, but after seeing how we did it, they sent out an inter-department memo outlining how we used sewer video camera’s and gentle suction vacuums to non-invasively rescue the kitten with no damage to the property and that was the new protocol they would use.

Since the kitten was rescued with gentle suction out of a vertical drain, Dave Bischof mischievously named her “Hickey” and she was taken to Veterinary Medical Center where Steven Aboulafia DVM and his staff provided free care and with the assistance of Fox TV got her adopted.


Was nice to find a company that is honest and treats an elderly person (I’m 88) with respect & like one of their family and not being taken advantage of.

– Deane Schultz